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By the way, I know it's bad to stop taking anything cold turkey, and I'm currently suffering from that as well because my doctor hasn't returned my calls regarding the issue in 4 days.

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First of all, my depression is diagnosed as mild. I am young and was still unsure as to whether or not I was depressed or if my sadness was just a normal part of life. My doctor prescribed me Pristiq four days ago and I am amazed by the difference I feel already. I have more energy, my anxiety is gone, I feel optimistic, my desire to exercise is back...I agree with what other people have said before me, this is what life felt like a long time ago. I tried Prozac in the past but it just numbed me so I stopped taking it. With Pristiq, I am still able to feel sadness, it's just impossible to reach the extreme lows I felt before. I really wish I had started taking this medicine sooner.

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